Navajo Parks and Recreation Department offers tours to both the upper and lower sections of Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon that was formed by the erosion of sandstone. This erosion occurs especially during the monsoon season. According to Wikipedia, Upper Antelope Canyon, Tsé bighánílíní, means “the place where water runs through rocks.”


A view of one of the narrow passageways created by rain rushing through the sandstone making the corridors narrower and narrower.

While I was spending several days in Page, Arizona area in the fall of 2007, I toured Upper Antelope Canyon. We were loaded into the back of a pickup truck with bench seats which could seat approximately eight people.

Once we were inside the canyon, I couldn’t see the settings on my camera and accidentally chose a setting that did not provide the correct exposures. Thus my photos are not of the best quality. I know, “Excuses! Excuses! Excuses!” I mutter to myself.

Page, Arizona, is far, far off any major interstate so traveling there requires extra time and patience.

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