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House/Pet-Sitting &Indiana &Westfield joydeanlee | 10 Jul 2012

Westfield, Indiana—Rufus and Zoey

In the summers of both 2009 and 2011, I stayed with the Sullivans’ pets (Rufus and Zoey) in Westfield, Indiana. My memories are of a hot summer but of a quiet and peaceful time in the cool house.

Rufus loved the back yard and would often stand at the fence on his back legs surveying the neighborhood and keeping it safe for us.

I remember sitting in the lounge chair and having not one, both both of the animals crawling onto my lap. Yes, Rufus thinks he’s a lap dog and Zoey knows that laps are the place she’s supposed to be! Zoey was very quiet, often hiding until I’d be available for her to sit on my lap.

Rufus cracked me up when he’d sleep on his back in his crate (photo in slideshow). Mornings when I’d let him out of the crate, I had to be very careful to hold on to the stair rail because he’d jump several stairs at a time and didn’t want anything or anybody to get in his way. Perhaps anxious for food or just glad to be out of the crate?

That the Sullivans loved their pets and gave them much attention was quite obvious.

To view a slideshow of Rufus and Zoey, click on any photo. If info about the photos is not displayed in the slideshow, click Show Info.

RufusJune2009 - 3

Rufus lounging in the backyard.


Zoey, always a loving cat.

House/Pet-Sitting &San Antonio &Texas joydeanlee | 23 Jun 2012

San Antonio: Pazzo and Enzo

Parson Russell terriers are very active dogs…this I learned during a house/pet-sitting job in San Antonio in late May. Pazzo and Enzo are the delightful critters that kept me entertained for a week. Actually they rested much of their time on the couches, except when surveying the neighborhood to make sure all was safe and that no one was entering their domain, which should be defined as their backyard and that of all the neighbors.


Not quite ready for sleep.

Pazzo & Enzo-05

Yes, we know that we’re very cute.

They tricked me a few times the first day with their whining as though they needed to go outside for necessity. There was necessity all right: deer were within their ability to either see or smell and going outside to chase the deer was all they had on their minds. Actually, standing on the deck barking ferociously or hovering near the fences in the yard while straining on their leashes was the nearest they could get to the deer.

Our nights together were special, too. Because I’m a light sleeper, I placed a large pillow between the dogs and me. After several minutes of pointing and giving a “Sit” command, they would lie down on the other side of the pillow. However, before the night was over, I’d wake up and find one or both of the dogs snuggling next to me. Even if I’d had a brick wall between me and them, they would have crawled over.

Pazzo and Enzo were truly lovable and loving dogs. I’m delighted to have spent time with them.

To view a slideshow of Pazzo and Enzo, click on any photo. If info about the photos is not displayed in the slideshow, click Show Info.

Pazzo & Enzo-01

Pazzo and Enzo


Enzo in the hunting mode.


Pazzo in the hunting mode.

House/Pet-Sitting &Indiana &Indianapolis joydeanlee | 01 Mar 2012

Eickhoff pets—near Indianapolis, Indiana

In January 2012, I gathered six more pets into my family of critters that I care for while their owners vacation. It was soon obvious that the Eickhoffs (who live southwest of Indianapolis in a lovely, quiet wooded area) bestowed much time and attention on their pets for Kallie, Bentley, Sophie, Mimi, Monique, and Scottie were willing to accept me quickly. Well, maybe Scottie was a bit hesitant.

Although I had not met the Eickhoffs previously, they made me feel at ease in their home. I’d been recommended to them by a friend of a friend of a… well that’s how I’ve added so many families to my list of people for whom I do house/pet-sitting.

One incident that stands out occurred one evening when I was doing my floor exercises. I was on my back doing hip rolls when I glanced at my feet and there was Bentley on his back. Doing his exercises?. Although I was alone, I burst out laughing perhaps shocking him.

To view a slideshow of the Eickhoff pets, click on any photo. If info about the photos is not displayed in the slideshow, click Show Info.

KallieandBentley-Jan2012 - 3

Kallie (right) is the senior citizen of the pets and, like me, has arthritis which challenges his movement. He is very sweet and loving. Bentley (left), on the other hand, takes loving to a higher level. Where you go, he goes. Where you sit, he sits as close as possible, sometimes even on your lap!

Sophie-Jan2012 - 5

Sophie is the youngest of the cats and the most active. Thus there are more photos of Sophie in the slideshow than any of the other pets.

Mimi-Jan2012 - 4

When Mimi jumps on the counter in the laundry room, that was my cue to get the lint roller and “brush” her. She has trained her mistress quite well, and she quickly had me trained too.

Monique-Jan2012 - 3

I knew when feeding time approached for Monique became very vocal suggesting that I hustle some food for her and her housemates. She cleaned up her bowl and if any food remained in the other dishes, she’d eat that too.

Scottie-Jan2012 - 4

Scottie was the quietest of the bunch and I didn’t see much of him. He was just more reserved with me than the other cats.

House/Pet-Sitting &Houston &Texas joydeanlee | 19 Feb 2012

Benson dogs—Spring, Texas

My first house/dog-sitting gig with the Benson dogs was in November, 2010, and now I’m caring for them again. Lola was an addition after Peanut had been in residence for awhile. However, they became friends in spite of their differences and are bosom buddies now.

Carrot treats are a highlight for Peanut and Lola as well as their daily walks in the neighborhood.

Peanut and Lola love go go next door to visit the Alexanders although they are a bit fearful of Scooter, the Maine Coon cat who is not happy with visitors. The other four indoor cats there don’t seem to bug the dogs.

To view a slideshow of the Benson dogs, click on any photo. If info about the photos is not displayed in the slideshow, click Show Info.

Peanut and Lola-1

Peanut and Lola relax together on the couch.

House/Pet-Sitting &Houston &Texas joydeanlee | 12 Aug 2011

Alexander cats—new additions

Three new cats were added to the Alexander home, Houston, in May, 2010. These additions were not planned, but when the neighborhood stray (Pumpkin) whom the Alexanders had been feeding, had a litter of cats before she could be caught and fixed, they faced the chore of finding homes for the kittens.

Pumpkin was a scrawny feral cat before the Alexanders started feeding her. Patience and lots of attention resulted in Pumpkin running into the garage when the door opens, ready first to be fed treats and brushed and then to partake of the milk and both dry and wet cat food. The indoor cats don’t get the milk or wet cat food, so Pumpkin is truly spoiled.

To view a slideshow of the Alexander cats, click on any photo. If info about the photos is not displayed in the slideshow, click Show Info.

Pumpkin-Aug2011  - 1

Pumpkin displays her gorgeous sleek body.

Unable to find homes for all, the Alexanders took Piper, Luna, and Sonoma into their home which already consisted of Scooter and Bella. See these links for previous posts about Scooter ( and Bella (

Now the cats are slightly over a year old and to say that they are a lively bunch is an understatement.

AlexanderCats-Aug2011 - 1

Didn’t I say above that to call the younger Alexander cats a lively bunch is an understatement? This is the sight that I found when I woke up one morning.

Bella-Aug2011 - 3

Bella has that “I’m not guilty” look as she stands by the swim suit drawer. She can join the fun even though she’s one of the original household. According to Sheila, Bella opens the drawer and Luna (below) is the one who actually pulls the swim suit pieces out of the drawer and often carries them all over the house.


Piper and Sonoma guard the path to the kitchen, the most important room for that’s where their food is and well as the place where they are treated to snacks every morning as part of the coffee-making ritual.

Luna-Aug2011 - 1

Luna brings gifts (usually little toy mice) and announces the gifts with meowing. She half of the team (with Bella) who unload swim suits from their drawer and deposit them all over the house.


Scooter, the oldest of the cats has never been #3; he’s always been #1, and if you challenge that status you’ll receive a loud hiss and perhaps a bite, if you get too close to him. At heart he can be a sweet boy, but you cannot trust him.

House/Pet-Sitting &San Antonio &Texas joydeanlee | 27 Jul 2011

McColley dogs—Max and Pip

House/pet-sitting for the McColley family in San Antonio has long been one of my favorite tasks. Max (their Maltese) was the first dog I spent an extended period of time with and he became the “love of my life.” With the years that have passed, I now have innumerable pets that I love dearly. When I recently stayed with the boys, numerous photo ops popped up for me to experiment with my Canon PowerShot S95.

Note: I‘ve just completed writing the index for Your Camera Loves You by Khara Plicanic (Peachpit Press) and was attempting to apply principles from the book.

Pip, a Yorkshire Terrier, has joined the family although he is technically their daughter Kat’s pet. Pip has an entirely different personality than Max. He’s a hunter which is reflected in many of the photos I took of him.

To view a slideshow of Max and Pip, click on any photo. If info about the photos is not displayed in the slideshow, click Show Info.


Comfy and Cozy. Max and Pip recline on the back of the sofa in one of their numerous relaxed poses.Pip-July2011—03

Hunter: Pip’s mission in life is to check out every flower pot, drain hole, rock pile, doormat, bush, and tree for any critters that might hide there. He even tries to tree squirrels.


Now that’s a yawn. Max shows his contentment; he’s ready to relax on HIS place on the back of the sofa.

More about Max: After viewing this slideshow of Max and Pip, you might enjoy reading more about Max from an earlier post: McColley dog–Max, my man…I mean, my beloved dog…though he’s not technically mine

Austin &House/Pet-Sitting &Texas joydeanlee | 10 Jun 2011

Emerson dog—Mia, may she rest in peace

I never had the privilege of pet-sitting for Mia, the beloved dog of the Emersons in Austin, Texas. I did enjoy her company when we had outings at Lake McQueeney and when both the Emersons and I were guests of our mutual friends in Houston, the Alexanders.

Obedient. Patient. Congenial. Faithful. Calming.
One could not ask for a better dog to be his best friend.

Mia died early in 2010, a sad event indeed.

To view a slideshow of Mia, click on her photo. If info about the photos is not displayed in the slideshow, click Show Info.

Mia, Christmas, 2007

Christmas, 2007—Mia relaxes on her blanket with her new red toy.

House/Pet-Sitting &Houston &Texas joydeanlee | 07 Nov 2010

Alexander cats—Piper crawls into our hearts…and every other space he can find

Pumpkin, the Alexanders’ yard cat, produced a litter in late May, and Piper immediately realized the advantages of being a loving cat and thus became a permanent addition to the household.

To say that he is a bit of a “spaz” is an understatement. Observe!

To view a slideshow of all of the Piper, click on one of his photos.

Piper-JuneJuly2010 - 15

Piper, peeking from behind the shutter, presents his “I’m very cute” pose.

Piper-JuneJuly2010 - 20

Piper is washing the dishes…before the dishwasher has its chance.

House/Pet-Sitting &Houston &Texas joydeanlee | 20 Jun 2010

Alexander cats—Memories of Raja warm hearts

Raja, the 20-year-old cat of my close Houston friends (Alexanders), died last week. Raja had become quite ill in January of 2009 and was not expected to survive the month. But…survive she did, until June 15, 2010.

Click on the photo to view a slideshow of Raja during the last five years.


Raja drives Scooter’s car…and he doesn’t even object.

For the last year and a half, if Raja meowed and someone was there to hear her, she was either talked to, picked up, or fed regular food, soft food mashed up with water added, evaporated milk, treats, canned tuna, or cooked chicken or fish.

I’ve had the privilege of caring for Raja (along with Miss Black, Fugley, Scooter, and Bella) when the Alexanders travel. Returning to their home and not having Raja to greet me will be difficult. We’ll all miss our “fur baby.”

Austin &House/Pet-Sitting &Texas joydeanlee | 30 May 2010

Emerson cats—House/pet-sitting for cats and fish–Austin, Texas

Can you imagine five hungry, meowing cats at your bedroom door each morning when you wake up?

During March and April 2010, I did house/pet-sitting in Austin, Texas, for the Emersons. Eight cats and a tank of tropical fish were in my care. Yep, eight cats! Only five were at my door each morning for one was too timid, and the other two were outdoor cats, which adds up to eight.

The two black-and-white cats were so close in appearance that I’d have to see them up close before I’d recognize which was which. One was slightly heavier than the other, the key to identity. Learning the names of the others came quickly, but persuading them to let me pet them was a different matter.

006-Emerson-Mar2010-Boo Kitty-02

Boo Kitty



Soon, however, I’d have four cats on the sofa with me when I watched TV in the evening. One on the recliner extension, one in my lap, one at my side, and Noche (photo below) on the top of the sofa above my head. Sorry, no one was around to capture that picture so you must use your imagination.

To view a slideshow of the Emersons’ cats, click on any photo below.

013-Emerson-Mar2010-Kitty Girl-01

Kitty Girl











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