In early September I traveled to the hills above Rising Sun, Indiana (, and the Ohio River to join long-time friend Debbie (Smith) Blum and spend the weekend with another friend, Debbie (Salyer) Tuggle and her husband Dean at their B&B, Tuggles’ Folly (

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Tuggle'sFollySept2009 - 02An inviting sign welcomes visitors to Tuggles’ Folly B&B.

Tuggle'sFollySept2009 - 06

Tuggles’ Folly

Tuggle'sFollySept2009 - 03

Tuggles’ Folly overlooks rolling hills and the scenic Ohio River east of Rising Sun, Indiana.

Except for brief visits through the years, we gals had not spent much time together for over 25 years when we’d been teachers/librarian at Lawrenceburg High School. These two ladies, along with our dearly departed friend Eileen Donewald, gathered weekly after the football or basketball games (sometimes with a few other stragglers) to solve the problems of the world…over and over again…with the proper accompaniments.

Friends. Delicious food. Breathtaking scenery. Fun. What better combination can one ask for in a weekend getaway?

After a scrumptious breakfast on Saturday and while the Tuggles took care of business on Saturday, Debbie Blum and I drove first to Lawrenceburg and then down scenic Hwy. 56 to Vevay, Indiana, where we drove up and down the streets, checking out the lovely homes. We knocked on the door of the Schenck Mansion (, also a B&B, and were given a tour of the downstairs by the gracious owner. After the tour Debbie and I sat in their new patio area chatting and basking in the perfect autumn afternoon.

We’d read that the Rising Sun EMT squad was having a chicken BBQ event on Saturday. Attending the event sounded like a good idea. And it was a good idea. What we didn’t know was that the event was held midday when we’d expected it (assuming doesn’t work, does it?) to be held in the evening.

We had stopped at the Ridge Winery and Tasting Room east of Vevay on Hwy. 56 ( where Debbie purchased a bottle of excellent white wine for us. We drank one glass on their patio overlooking the Ohio River and took the remainder home with us. Little did we know that it would be our dinner accompaniment.

We drove by the Rising Sun fire station where we thought the BBQ was to be held. No one was there. We drove on the riverfront, but a fishing tournament was being held there. No one we asked knew anything about a BBQ so off to the local grocery we trekked to purchase some dinner: crackers, cheeses, and some fried chicken. With the wine and our purchased dinner, Debbie and I placed our fare on the back patio table, propped our feet in the additional chairs, and devoured our meal as we sipped the wine.

Sunday morning’s breakfast was another delight: biscuits with sausage gravy, bacon, scrambled eggs, and a treat: fried peaches, a new treat for me. There might have been even more items on the table for no empty spots were available on the table as the hosts, Debbie Blum and I, and two other guests paced ourselves to fully enjoy this feast.

A memorable weekend.