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Florida &Gainesville &House/Pet-Sitting joydeanlee | 18 Aug 2009

Beyers pets—Gainesville, Florida–Bean added to menagerie

In May, 2009, I again traveled to Gainesville, Florida, to house/pet-sit for the Beyers family pets. In the year since I’d been there, two of the pets (both dogs) Aubrey and Sara, had died. I missed having them to care for.

In April, 2008, when the Beyers traveled to Hawaii to visit their son, they brought back Bean (their son’s cat) and now Bean is a household member. Bean was so traumatized the day they brought him home after the long flight from Hawaii that he hid behind a bookcase and refused to come out. Thus that was the only photo I had of Bean in 2008. He’s quite well adjusted now and we bonded.

To view a slideshow of all the Beyers pets taken in both 2008 and 2009, click on the photo below.


A very traumatized Bean hids behind the office bookcase.

BeanMay,2009 - 1

A relaxed and well-adjusted Bean enjoys the screened patio with its greenery.

Florida &Gainesville &House/Pet-Sitting Joy | 28 Apr 2008

Beyers pets–They captivate my heart

I’ve been house/pet-sitting near Gainesville, Florida for the last 10 days or so with five unique pets…but then aren’t all pets unique! Take a look and you’ll see why these cats and dogs have captivated my heart.

Click on the any photo in this post to see a slideshow starring the pets. Use your browser’s back arrow to return to the blog.


Bob stalks some creature out in the wild…well, actually on his screened porch.


Although you can’t see the writing on his scarf, Aubrey wears the Lukenbach, Texas, scarf for he’s proud to be a Texan.


Sara, a special-needs lady, endears herself to all who meet her. Dear Sara passed on to Doggie Heaven on July 24, 2008.


A definite purr-baby who is easily amused, Zoe finds playful activities in the house and and on the screened patio.


Jethro was definitely born to be in high places. Here he has jumped to the top of the highest piece of furniture in the room.


Bean, who is the newest member of the Beyers’ menagerie for a temporary time, was traumatized by his flight from Hawaii to Florida and hid behind a bookcase.