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House/Pet-Sitting &Indiana &Westfield joydeanlee | 10 Jul 2012

Westfield, Indiana—Rufus and Zoey

In the summers of both 2009 and 2011, I stayed with the Sullivans’ pets (Rufus and Zoey) in Westfield, Indiana. My memories are of a hot summer but of a quiet and peaceful time in the cool house.

Rufus loved the back yard and would often stand at the fence on his back legs surveying the neighborhood and keeping it safe for us.

I remember sitting in the lounge chair and having not one, both both of the animals crawling onto my lap. Yes, Rufus thinks he’s a lap dog and Zoey knows that laps are the place she’s supposed to be! Zoey was very quiet, often hiding until I’d be available for her to sit on my lap.

Rufus cracked me up when he’d sleep on his back in his crate (photo in slideshow). Mornings when I’d let him out of the crate, I had to be very careful to hold on to the stair rail because he’d jump several stairs at a time and didn’t want anything or anybody to get in his way. Perhaps anxious for food or just glad to be out of the crate?

That the Sullivans loved their pets and gave them much attention was quite obvious.

To view a slideshow of Rufus and Zoey, click on any photo. If info about the photos is not displayed in the slideshow, click Show Info.

RufusJune2009 - 3

Rufus lounging in the backyard.


Zoey, always a loving cat.

House/Pet-Sitting &Indiana &Indianapolis joydeanlee | 01 Mar 2012

Eickhoff pets—near Indianapolis, Indiana

In January 2012, I gathered six more pets into my family of critters that I care for while their owners vacation. It was soon obvious that the Eickhoffs (who live southwest of Indianapolis in a lovely, quiet wooded area) bestowed much time and attention on their pets for Kallie, Bentley, Sophie, Mimi, Monique, and Scottie were willing to accept me quickly. Well, maybe Scottie was a bit hesitant.

Although I had not met the Eickhoffs previously, they made me feel at ease in their home. I’d been recommended to them by a friend of a friend of a… well that’s how I’ve added so many families to my list of people for whom I do house/pet-sitting.

One incident that stands out occurred one evening when I was doing my floor exercises. I was on my back doing hip rolls when I glanced at my feet and there was Bentley on his back. Doing his exercises?. Although I was alone, I burst out laughing perhaps shocking him.

To view a slideshow of the Eickhoff pets, click on any photo. If info about the photos is not displayed in the slideshow, click Show Info.

KallieandBentley-Jan2012 - 3

Kallie (right) is the senior citizen of the pets and, like me, has arthritis which challenges his movement. He is very sweet and loving. Bentley (left), on the other hand, takes loving to a higher level. Where you go, he goes. Where you sit, he sits as close as possible, sometimes even on your lap!

Sophie-Jan2012 - 5

Sophie is the youngest of the cats and the most active. Thus there are more photos of Sophie in the slideshow than any of the other pets.

Mimi-Jan2012 - 4

When Mimi jumps on the counter in the laundry room, that was my cue to get the lint roller and “brush” her. She has trained her mistress quite well, and she quickly had me trained too.

Monique-Jan2012 - 3

I knew when feeding time approached for Monique became very vocal suggesting that I hustle some food for her and her housemates. She cleaned up her bowl and if any food remained in the other dishes, she’d eat that too.

Scottie-Jan2012 - 4

Scottie was the quietest of the bunch and I didn’t see much of him. He was just more reserved with me than the other cats.

Friends &Indiana &Rising Sun–Tuggles’ Folly B&B joydeanlee | 26 Sep 2009

Weekend at Tuggles’ Folly B&B

In early September I traveled to the hills above Rising Sun, Indiana (, and the Ohio River to join long-time friend Debbie (Smith) Blum and spend the weekend with another friend, Debbie (Salyer) Tuggle and her husband Dean at their B&B, Tuggles’ Folly (

To view a slideshow of Tuggles’ Folly, click on any of the photos.

Tuggle'sFollySept2009 - 02An inviting sign welcomes visitors to Tuggles’ Folly B&B.

Tuggle'sFollySept2009 - 06

Tuggles’ Folly

Tuggle'sFollySept2009 - 03

Tuggles’ Folly overlooks rolling hills and the scenic Ohio River east of Rising Sun, Indiana.

Except for brief visits through the years, we gals had not spent much time together for over 25 years when we’d been teachers/librarian at Lawrenceburg High School. These two ladies, along with our dearly departed friend Eileen Donewald, gathered weekly after the football or basketball games (sometimes with a few other stragglers) to solve the problems of the world…over and over again…with the proper accompaniments.

Friends. Delicious food. Breathtaking scenery. Fun. What better combination can one ask for in a weekend getaway?

After a scrumptious breakfast on Saturday and while the Tuggles took care of business on Saturday, Debbie Blum and I drove first to Lawrenceburg and then down scenic Hwy. 56 to Vevay, Indiana, where we drove up and down the streets, checking out the lovely homes. We knocked on the door of the Schenck Mansion (, also a B&B, and were given a tour of the downstairs by the gracious owner. After the tour Debbie and I sat in their new patio area chatting and basking in the perfect autumn afternoon.

We’d read that the Rising Sun EMT squad was having a chicken BBQ event on Saturday. Attending the event sounded like a good idea. And it was a good idea. What we didn’t know was that the event was held midday when we’d expected it (assuming doesn’t work, does it?) to be held in the evening.

We had stopped at the Ridge Winery and Tasting Room east of Vevay on Hwy. 56 ( where Debbie purchased a bottle of excellent white wine for us. We drank one glass on their patio overlooking the Ohio River and took the remainder home with us. Little did we know that it would be our dinner accompaniment.

We drove by the Rising Sun fire station where we thought the BBQ was to be held. No one was there. We drove on the riverfront, but a fishing tournament was being held there. No one we asked knew anything about a BBQ so off to the local grocery we trekked to purchase some dinner: crackers, cheeses, and some fried chicken. With the wine and our purchased dinner, Debbie and I placed our fare on the back patio table, propped our feet in the additional chairs, and devoured our meal as we sipped the wine.

Sunday morning’s breakfast was another delight: biscuits with sausage gravy, bacon, scrambled eggs, and a treat: fried peaches, a new treat for me. There might have been even more items on the table for no empty spots were available on the table as the hosts, Debbie Blum and I, and two other guests paced ourselves to fully enjoy this feast.

A memorable weekend.

70th Birthday Parties &Family &Friends &Indianapolis joydeanlee | 07 Aug 2009

Turning 70 ain’t too bad…if you have three birthday parties/Party #1-Indianapolis

A milestone birthday: 70. However, I am so fortunate to have wonderful daughters and friends who arranged and celebrated the occasion with me in both Indiana and Houston

Party #1 was a dinner party in Indianapolis at A2Z Italian Cafe ( on East 96th Street. My friend Leandra had introduced me to Ash and the A2Z and every meal there had been a delight. When I asked Ash if he could accommodate our group for a drinks and dinner, he readily assured me that he and his staff would love to have us dine there.

Long-time friend Sharon had brought several of her photo albums (works of art) which contained photos of many of the guests. Those photos ranged from the late 1960s to the present, including pics of my daughters Helena and Wendy (who along with their husbands were the evening’s hosts).

Click on any photo to view a slideshow of the birthday party. Return here by clicking the JoyOnTheRoad tab or your browser’s Back button.

Leandra, Terry, and Karen

Perusing Sharon’s albums are Leandra, Terry, and Karen.

Toasts and lively conversation filled the evening. Bringing together people who have known each other for 16—50 years means the stories shared were both hilarious and touching. Friends. Food. Fun. I’m such a fortunate person.

Leandra, Joy Dean, and Sharon

Joy Dean displays her present, a watch, from Leandra and Sharon.

Family &Friends &Indiana &Indianapolis joydeanlee | 25 Jul 2009

Wolfina, a new traveling buddy

I have a new traveling buddy, a stuffed wolf whom I’ve named WOLFINA (aka Wolfie). She spent many years on one of nightstands of my friend Leandra who lost her five-year battle with cancer in late May. Now Wolfina belongs to me.

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Wolfina (aka Wolfie) - 2

Wolfie wears the rainbow ribbon that Sheila gifted her.

Wolfie is filled with Leandra’s mischievous spirit and even with her laugh, which only I can hear. Well, maybe some of you will be able to hear the laugh too, if you listen very carefully. Wolfie and I have bonded already; she’s with me on the road, and we plan many adventures.

Here’s the tale of why I needed a new traveling companion. Many of you may remember that Mississipi Moose (MM), who actually belonged to Jennifer was my traveling companion for many years. Because I traveled alone frequently, Jen loaned MM to me so I wouldn’t be lonely.

MM was photographed at different places where I, alone or with friends, went sightseeing: on the Desert Loop roadside at Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico, on a the ski resort lift near Taos and a bridge railing over the Rio Grande Gorge, both also in New Mexico.

Sadly Mississipi Moose was stolen from a side pocket of a piece of my luggage when I went on a cruise celebrating Sheila’s 50th birthday.

Jen’s friend Andrea, who lives in Switzerland, sent a moose replacement, but Andrea was firm in her instructions about his care: he could not travel with Joy!

I have a little bear which Sheila, Shelley, and Barbara bought for me on that infamous cruise as an MM replacement, but somehow the bear and I have never bonded even after traveling together for almost five years. I do like him, but…he hasn’t even been named.

I now have a Mississippi Moose replacement: Wolfina. Follow us as we travel coast-to-coast!

House/Pet-Sitting &Indiana &Indianapolis Joy | 20 Sep 2008

Seybert cat–Callie, another cat with an attitude

Callie, the cat of friends Karen and Terry, and I have been acquainted for year. In her slideshow you’ll see her as a very young cat (summer of 2006), and then you’ll see her displaying her antics during the last couple of years as I’ve been her caretaker in Fishers, Indiana, while her owners travel.

Callie—Karen and Terry’s cat

Is Callie a spoiled cat? Everyone turned on the faucet in the tub for her because she preferred her water fresh even though a dish of fresh water was available. Finally her owners purchased one of the drinking fountains for pets.

Her most annoying habit, according to Terry, is her crying to go outside. If the weather is cool enough, Callie is satisfied with being allowed to roam in the closed garage. Go figure! One day she disappeared all day and though they looked and looked, Karen and Terry could not find her. Finally she returned home. They assumed that Callie must have had quite an adventure that day for she didn’t cy to go outside for a few days.

Friends &Indiana &Indianapolis Joy | 02 Oct 2007

Celebrating September birthdays

Several Indianapolis friends have September birthdays, and Karen and Terry hosted a celebration for the four September birthday people. Karen’s children and their families joined the gathering.

We pigged out on ham (pun intended), three varieties of bread for sandwiches, tossed salad, green beans and new potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and I can’t remember what else.

Click on the cake photo to see the September birthday people.


Does the cake say that the total of the birthdays was 701? I think NOT! An update on that total will be provided later.

House/Pet-Sitting &Indianapolis Joy | 02 Oct 2007

Lynn pets–Sophie, Liesl, and Callie

BACK HOME AGAIN IN INDIANA:My most recent house/pet-sitting gig was in Indianapolis for Jennifer and Doug. I’ve been cat-sitting for Sophie and Liesl for many years, but Callie was a new element thrown into the mix. A DOG!

Click on any of the pets to see larger versions of the photos.

Lynn pets–Sophie

Sophie is Jennifer’s first cat. She was challenged first by Liesl, Jennifer’s second cat and then by Callie, Doug’s dog, when Jennifer and Doug were married in October, 2006.

Lynn pets–Liesl

Liesl was Jennifer’s second cat. Little did she know that Sophie, who had ruled the house for years by herself, would NOT like a new playmate.

Lynn pets–Callie

Callie, who was Doug’s dog, loves both the cats: Liesl and Sophie. Callie and Liesl have developed a good relationship, well, most of the time. However, Sophie leaves no doubt with the volume of her hisses that she wants to be left alone.

Family &Indiana &Indianapolis Joy | 19 Sep 2007

Indianapolis, from the viewpoint of an 11-year-old

Over the weekend of September 14-16, my 11-year-old great-niece Alex was my guest in Indianapolis. Although I’d never visited the zoo, I had seen many of the landmarks around the city and had ceased to pay much attention to them.

I now view those landmarks with a new perspective, through Alex’s eyes, and have had my first look at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Click on the photos below (most taken by Alex) to view various Indy landmarks and animals at the Zoo, White Water State Park. Return to the blog from Flickr by using your browser’s Back arrow.


Indiana State Capitol


“Are you talkin’ to me?”