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New York City joydeanlee | 25 Jul 2009

NYC/Times Square/Lunch with Matt Roush

Manhattan! Times Square! Rockefeller Center! All great, but the main purpose of my Wednesday, July 15, trip to NYC was lunching with former student Matt Roush. He writes a column, “The Roush Review,” for TV Guide magazine and appears often as a commentator on “Biography” and other TV shows where knowledge of TV stars is needed.

Matt and I had communicated through the years, but a two-hour lunch was required to catch up on the 30 years since he’d been on both my newspaper and yearbook staffs.

Taking the NBC Studio Tour had been a goal for I’d not found time for it in previous NYC visits. Enjoyable, particularly the historical aspects.

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TimesSquare, NYC-July 15, 2009-01

Noise. Lights. Color. Crowds pushing and shoving. Screens change constantly giving the whole area a frenetic feel.

We wandered around in Midtown East and then over to Times Square where so many photo ops await any photographer. My other Times Square pics are slightly X-rated, a couple gals being body-painted.

To view more of my photos of previous visits to New York City, use this link:

Family &New York City Joy | 30 Jul 2008

New York, never the same after the ‘sisters’ hit town

On July 10-12, Doris (adopted sister), sisters Barbara and Nancy, and i traveled by train from Madison, NJ, to Penn Station in New York City. We spent the three days navigating by bus, subway, boat, and taxi as we hit all the major attractions, ate typical NYC fare (hot dogs and pretzels from outdoor stands as well as restaurant food), and saw a Broadway play.

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For more comments/photos about NYC, see the June 9, 2008, posting: New York, New York…

Barb-NYC - 21

The “sisters” enjoy a carriage ride in Central Park.

JoyJuly08AC:NYC - 55

The southern tip of Manhattan, viewed from a harbor cruise boat.

Friends &New York City Joy | 09 Jun 2008

New York, New York…

A trip to New York City, in mid-March! Columbia Scholastic Press Association holds its annual spring convention at Columbia University at that time each year, and my friend/yearbook adviser Sheila attended, allowing me and friends Gerri and Barbara from Oklahoma City to tag along for the six days.

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For more comments/photos about NYC, see the June 30, 2008, posting: New York, never the same after the ‘sisters’ hit town.

Apple Store–entrance

The newly-renovated historic Plaza Hotel stands across 5th Avenue at Central Park from the Apple Store’s plexiglass cube entrance.

Central Park

One of the lakes in Central Park.

Central Park–Strawberry Fields

Rabbit topiary stands at the entrance to Tavern on the Green in Central Park. (Photo by Sheila Bertram Alexander)