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California &Family &Lakeport &Weddings joydeanlee | 03 Mar 2011

Chis Hunt/Devona Boerema reception, July, 2010–Kelseyville, California

After a lovely wedding in the town park in Lakeport, California, the crowd traveled to nearby Kelseyville for Chris and Devona Hunt’s wedding reception.

Chris/Devona's Wedding ReceptionChris & DevonaDevona throwing bouquet

A banner proclaims the occasion. ••• Chris and Devona. ••• Devona prepares to throw her bouquet.

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California &Family &Lakeport &Weddings joydeanlee | 26 Feb 2011

Chis Hunt/Devona Boerema wedding, July, 2010–Lakeport, California

On July 31 families of Chris Hunt and Devona Boerema, along with numerous friends, gathered in Lakeport, California, to share their marriage ceremony and reception with them.

Chris’s mother Mary (my sister), and some of our other sisters, Joyce Ann, Barbara Jean, Nancy Lynne, and I and two of my nieces, Melissa and Nancy Carol, met in San Francisco for two days of sightseeing before driving to Redding, California, to visit overnight with Angie (Sunnie), who is Mary’s daughter. The entire crowd then drove to Lakeport for a weekend of fun, the wedding being the main event!

Wedding party presented to the crowd.

Here Chris and Devona are flanked by her two children, Daryl and Melissa, who participated in the ceremony in a gazebo in the lovely lakeside park on Clear Lake.

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Chris and Devona ride to reception.
Off to the reception. Chris and Devona ride their Indian motorcycle to the reception in nearby Kelseyville.

Devona, displaying helmet.Devona, displaying helmet.
Devona’s friends created a proper helmet for the bride!