In the summers of both 2009 and 2011, I stayed with the Sullivans’ pets (Rufus and Zoey) in Westfield, Indiana. My memories are of a hot summer but of a quiet and peaceful time in the cool house.

Rufus loved the back yard and would often stand at the fence on his back legs surveying the neighborhood and keeping it safe for us.

I remember sitting in the lounge chair and having not one, both both of the animals crawling onto my lap. Yes, Rufus thinks he’s a lap dog and Zoey knows that laps are the place she’s supposed to be! Zoey was very quiet, often hiding until I’d be available for her to sit on my lap.

Rufus cracked me up when he’d sleep on his back in his crate (photo in slideshow). Mornings when I’d let him out of the crate, I had to be very careful to hold on to the stair rail because he’d jump several stairs at a time and didn’t want anything or anybody to get in his way. Perhaps anxious for food or just glad to be out of the crate?

That the Sullivans loved their pets and gave them much attention was quite obvious.

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RufusJune2009 - 3

Rufus lounging in the backyard.


Zoey, always a loving cat.