As I planned a trip to the New England area, visiting the White Mountains in New Hampshire was high on my list of priorities. All the travel guides I read suggested that a ride on the Mt. Washington Cog Railway was a must-see.

Mt.WashingtonCogRailway - 04

The original steam engine, Peppersass (above), and other steam and diesel engines are on display at Mansfield Station where the ride begins.

Info from the Mt. Washington Cog Railway website: “The beauty of the mountains and the thrill of ascending the Northeast’s highest peak are just as enchanting today as they were in 1869, when Sylvester Marsh opened the world’s first mountain-climbing railroad on New Hampshire’s Mount Washington.

Nearly 150 years later, the Mount Washington Cog Railway continues to provide a sense of adventure and history as it carries passengers up a 3-mile-long trestle and the steepest railroad tracks in North America to the 6,288-foot summit of Mount Washington.

There, visitors can take in the spectacular panoramic view, spanning the mountains and valleys of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont, north into Canada, and east to the Atlantic Ocean.”

Well, the website didn’t mention that the mountain is often fogged in, that visibility is very limited (as you can see in the photo below), and that it can be quite cold. However, the adventure of the ride up and down the mountain on the railway does make the trip worthwhile, even if the view at the top is fogged in. You can always drink hot chocolate in their snack bar as my friend Doris and I did!

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Mt.WashingtonCogRailway - 03

This photo of the tracks was taken from inside the railway car in which we were riding.