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Family &House/Pet-Sitting Joy | 20 Jan 2008 05:38 pm

Grandcats—Some people have grandkids; I have grandcats! Orlando

Click on any of the photos to see slideshows for each.


CHILI: He was named for the character Chili Palmer in the movie “Get Shorty” which was based on a book by Elmore Leonard. John Travolta’s Chili had an attitude (Remember his line, “Look at me!”), and so does this cat who has some Mane Coon blood in him.

As a small kitten Chili, who joined Wendy and Jim after Zappa (Jim’s first cat) died, quickly became the Top Cat in the house where Austin (Wendy’s much older cat) had been living for many, many years. After Austin joined Zappa in Kitty Heaven in the fall of 2007, Chili soon had a challenger for Top Cat position.


OSCAR: A very active young cat, Oscar does like to play. So far he understands that play is not extending his claws or biting. Not taking your life in your hands (or I should say “in their claws”) to play with a cat is a delight and a new experience in the their house. Searching for ideas for naming the new cat, Jim found oscuro, which in Spanish means “dark” and thus: Oscar.


AUSTIN: He was so-named because Wendy found him in a hotel parking lot in Austin, Texas. The fact that it was raining when she rescued him may account for his lifetime love of getting in bathtubs or showers. All Austin ever wanted was to be loved and petted—he wasn’t choosy about whose lap he lay on! Austin went to Kitty Heaven in the fall of 2007.


ZAPPA: Jim’s beloved cat when Wendy and he married in 1998, ZAPPA remained Top Cat in the home until he went to Kitty Heaven.

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  1. on 20 Jan 2008 at 10:52 pm 1.dan said …

    Obi would like to point out that he is not, in fact, named after some random “Star Wars” character, but rather after Oberon, the king of the fairies from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” His sister Tia is named after Titania, the queen of the fairies from the same.

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