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Friends &Houston Joy | 26 Jan 2008 09:28 pm

New Year’s Eve in Houston, Texas (posted almost a month late)

On December 29 my friend Doris and I began our road trip to Texas, arriving at the home of friends late on December 30. With a night’s rest we were ready to start activities for New Year’s Eve: visiting Rebecca’s new yoga studio, allowing the children in ourselves out to enjoy the swings hanging from a huge Live Oak tree on the property where Rebecca’s studio is located, and buying last-minute food and drink items.


Jody takes advantage of the sunny New Year’s Eve afternoon in Houston to swing under the Live Oak tree.

One carload (those buying the food and drink items) found a bin of MicWright cocktail napkins at one of the establishments and stood there reading them all and giggling, often so hard as to bring stares from other customers.

The other carload of the group, shopping was on their agenda. The after-Christmas sales were, of course, the attraction.

By early evening everyone finally arrived for the party. However, Shelley had to have a haircut before the party could begin and professional stylist, Russ, accommodated her. Scrumptious food and beverages covered all the kitchen counters and dining room table.

Playing Outburst kept part of the crowd occupied. Shelley, Carrie, and Jody’s team won by making cutthroat decisions which gave no leniency to the opposition team of Doris, Rebecca, and Joy Dean. Although Bill initially helped both teams, he ultimately decided that the latter team was being treated poorly and helped only them).

Finally midnight arrived, toasts were made, and then the dancing began. One song in particular was played over and over. Around 2 a.m. everyone had left or wandered off to their beds. For a slideshow of the swinging, the haircut, and the cats and dog who entertained us throughout the day and night, click on the photo below.


Jody, Doris, Sheila, Russ, and Bill boogie the night away!

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