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Austin &Family &Grandcats &Orlando joydeanlee | 07 Feb 2010 01:41 am

Grandcats provide candid moments

Visits in November through January with my daughters and sons-in-law in Austin and Orlando provided many opportunities to photograph my grandcats. I’ve displayed a pic of each of the four here, and then you can click on any photo to see the latest slideshow. Selecting Grandcats (under Family) in the Topics list provides slideshows of all my grandcats taken over the last five years.

Oscar-Jan2010 - 2

Oscar (McManus, Orlando) knows how to relax. One of his other photos shows that he knows how to r-e-a-l-l-y stretch, too.

Chili-Jan2010 - 3

Chili (McManus, Orlando) has mastered relaxation techniques, too. During TV-watching time in the evening, his favorite spot is on a plastic bin of laser discs.


Tia (Abbing/Thomas, Austin) is a delicate lady who enjoys lots of lap time. Here she observes all the action around her from the end table.


Obi (Abbing/Thomas, Austin) has discovered a new favorite spot: under the cover of his futon. Obi has decided that he likes to be with his humans and joins them more and more often, even jumping on the couch with them.

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