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House/Pet-Sitting &San Antonio &Texas joydeanlee | 27 Jul 2011 10:57 pm

McColley dogs—Max and Pip

House/pet-sitting for the McColley family in San Antonio has long been one of my favorite tasks. Max (their Maltese) was the first dog I spent an extended period of time with and he became the “love of my life.” With the years that have passed, I now have innumerable pets that I love dearly. When I recently stayed with the boys, numerous photo ops popped up for me to experiment with my Canon PowerShot S95.

Note: I‘ve just completed writing the index for Your Camera Loves You by Khara Plicanic (Peachpit Press) and was attempting to apply principles from the book.

Pip, a Yorkshire Terrier, has joined the family although he is technically their daughter Kat’s pet. Pip has an entirely different personality than Max. He’s a hunter which is reflected in many of the photos I took of him.

To view a slideshow of Max and Pip, click on any photo. If info about the photos is not displayed in the slideshow, click Show Info.


Comfy and Cozy. Max and Pip recline on the back of the sofa in one of their numerous relaxed poses.Pip-July2011—03

Hunter: Pip’s mission in life is to check out every flower pot, drain hole, rock pile, doormat, bush, and tree for any critters that might hide there. He even tries to tree squirrels.


Now that’s a yawn. Max shows his contentment; he’s ready to relax on HIS place on the back of the sofa.

More about Max: After viewing this slideshow of Max and Pip, you might enjoy reading more about Max from an earlier post: McColley dog–Max, my man…I mean, my beloved dog…though he’s not technically mine

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