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San Antonio &Texas joydeanlee | 19 May 2012 02:27 pm

Steves Homestead, San Antonio, Texas

I’d toured the Steves Homestead in the King William District in San Antonio a few years ago, but I wanted my friend Doris to enjoy this slice of San Antonio history also. The home is quite beautiful and furnished with period pieces, many belonging to the Steves family. In addition, it was “…one of the early natatoriums, or inside swimming pools, in San Antonio” according to their website.

For further information on the Steves Homestead, go to (

Another reason for my interest in the Steves Homestead is that my friend and former student, Becky (Drew) McColley, is a docent for the home.

To view a slideshow of the Steves Homestead, click on the photo. If info about the photos is not displayed in the slideshow, click Show Info.

Steves Homestead-San Antonio - 1

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