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Family &Grandcats &Orlando joydeanlee | 11 Jun 2012 06:41 pm

Grandcats—Max (aka Mr. Skitters)

Max (aka Mr. Skitters) joined the McManus household in the fall of 2011 as their third cat. As with any kitten, he displays lots of energy and wouldn’t let me get near him with a camera. Therefore my daughter Wendy took these photos of Max. (The fact that arthritis prevents my getting down on my knees for this type of photo might have been another reason for Wendy taking the photos.)

Chili, the oldest of their three cats, mostly ignores Max’s efforts to play, but Oscar who is much younger, and previously the dominant cat in the home, is intimidated by the new arrival. Watching the interactions of the three cats provides hours of entertainment.

For earlier photos and antics of Oscar and Chili or my Austin grandcats, check out or

To view a slideshow of Max (aka Mr. Skitters), click on any photo. If info about the photos is not displayed in the slideshow, click Show Info.

Max-aka Mr Skitters, 2012 - 4

Max displays his flexibility climbing in and out of the chair rungs.

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