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House/Pet-Sitting &San Antonio &Texas joydeanlee | 23 Jun 2012 02:24 pm

San Antonio: Pazzo and Enzo

Parson Russell terriers are very active dogs…this I learned during a house/pet-sitting job in San Antonio in late May. Pazzo and Enzo are the delightful critters that kept me entertained for a week. Actually they rested much of their time on the couches, except when surveying the neighborhood to make sure all was safe and that no one was entering their domain, which should be defined as their backyard and that of all the neighbors.


Not quite ready for sleep.

Pazzo & Enzo-05

Yes, we know that we’re very cute.

They tricked me a few times the first day with their whining as though they needed to go outside for necessity. There was necessity all right: deer were within their ability to either see or smell and going outside to chase the deer was all they had on their minds. Actually, standing on the deck barking ferociously or hovering near the fences in the yard while straining on their leashes was the nearest they could get to the deer.

Our nights together were special, too. Because I’m a light sleeper, I placed a large pillow between the dogs and me. After several minutes of pointing and giving a “Sit” command, they would lie down on the other side of the pillow. However, before the night was over, I’d wake up and find one or both of the dogs snuggling next to me. Even if I’d had a brick wall between me and them, they would have crawled over.

Pazzo and Enzo were truly lovable and loving dogs. I’m delighted to have spent time with them.

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Pazzo & Enzo-01

Pazzo and Enzo


Enzo in the hunting mode.


Pazzo in the hunting mode.

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