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joydeanlee | 16 May 2009 03:54 pm

About Me

Home is where I stop to plug in my MacBook Pro

In the late 1990s, I started a new chapter of my life.  I’d taught English and journalism for 24 years (in Indiana, Kentucky, and Texas), worked as a software educational consultant (in Texas, Georgia, and Kentucky) in a second career, and finally delved into several aspects of book publishing (Indianapolis, Indiana) as a third career. During this time I also raised two daughters who are married and hold professional positions in advertising and marketing.

For this new chapter in my life, I gave up my residence in Orlando, bought a laptop computer so I could continue to earn a living as a freelance indexer/copy editor, and decided to start living without a permanent home.

Since I began this vagabond lifestyle, I have racked up 570,000 miles on the odometers of two cars (both Hondas). I’ve crisscrossed the country many times performing house/pet-sitting tasks, visiting family, reconnecting with friends and former students I hadn’t seen in decades, and making many new friends along the way. 

Only eight states remain before I will have traveled to all 50 states…and I will visit two of those this summer! Travels outside the U.S. include trips to Canada (2), Ireland (2), France (2), and England (1).


I’ve traveled from
Colorado’s Horseshoe Bend
on the Colorado River to…

EvergladesNP - 21

Everglades National Park
in Florida where the alligators
lounge in the sun to…

Mt.WashingtonCogRailway - 05

A ride on the Mount Washington
Cog Railway in the White Mountains
of New Hampshire to…

Seattle Space Needle-From Bremerton To Seattle Ferry

A ride on the Bremerton ferry
to downtown Seattle and its famous
Space Needle.

I’ve had the freedom to be a caregiver when friends or family needed me and to attend special events without worrying about how much vacation time I was using.  Rarely do I take a trip without working along the way, and yet I’m always on vacation!

A new vocation evolved in addition to my freelance editorial work: house/pet-sitting. I began this new sideline for only family and close friends, but as word spread about this new venture, I received more and more requests from friends of friends asking me to please come stay with their beloved pets. Most of the time I have my schedule booked with house/pet-sitting gigs from coast-to-coast as well as with my freelance indexing assignments. Click the House/Pet-Sitting tab for more information.

I am “on the road” either literally or figuratively all the time.

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