Trip into the word.

You have one life and it's up to you if you want to live yours or somebody else's. I'm not here to walk the easy path. I'm here to expierence life till the fullest and I would love to take you on a Trip into the word. Where my adventures will be told to inspire and activate you to also follow the dream.

Portugal, Aljezur: Unexpected company

I am now here in a beautiful forest in the Netherlands. Sitting on a bench in the center of a 6 path intersection. In the meantime I think about the path I recently took. That path led to Portugal. The whole financial worries were taken care of. The only thing we (me & Pier) had to take care of were animals. We had a house to ourselves, we had a car to use and we were very close to our friends who lives there. Almost too good to be true right?

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4 Fases of the proces: Quitting

Inhale, hold for 5 seconds, exhale. That's what I do most now since I dropped out of school and quit my job. Do you recognize it? I call it a reset. A very long reset. I'm in an 'I-don't-know-phase'. It's a phase where I don't know. Tadaaa!! The process of quitting has several phases.

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About me.

Hi! My name is Joy (2003),

I have a love for writing, a passion for adventures and a strive for freedom.


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